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Mikey Snot Is Great
An Evening With The Rev
August 1994. What a show!. I had only been living back in Chicago for less than a few weeks after my exodus from Carbondale where I lived for 9 years, and already I was getting back into the groove of having access to the top ranks of rock without having to travel to St. Louis to see them. I grabbed these shots with my old Kodak 35 mm camera and didn't have the funds to bring several rolls, which now I am kicking myself, since these were the early days and he only had two albums out at the time and was just getting popular outside the indie scene. So here they are, enjoy.
Rev Jimbo Jim Heath Reverend Jim Totally Jimbo and Jim

We have about three or four more shows of images to post, so I am going to do them in batches, so hang tight...